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  1. RP First Name Adrian RP Last Name Lagarza Age 16 Provide your character's backstory Im young man in the middle of my 20s . I was born in germany where i also grow up in a poor family one day i decided to change something ... yep i joined a criminal gang , i got into drugs , i stole cars . I worked my way up to the top of the gang. After quite some time i noticed that i cant live like i live right now so i traveled to California an now im here. Tell us about a time you created a fun and engaging RP scenario I was speeding on the highway when a cop saw me he stopped me then there came two more cops because the first one recognized me because he stopped me before when i had drugs on me. At the end i got arrested because i had drugs on me again. I am sorry for my bad english skills. What other servers have you been apart of? Green Leaf Why should Entropia accept you as a whitelisted member? i am on the server for 2 weeks right now , i think i can create some realistic scenarios and i also got some plans for my future in the town Do you agree to the terms and conditions of joining the community? I, agree to the terms and conditions.