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  1. RP First Name Jaycee “Jay” RP Last Name King Age 21 Provide your character's backstory Young girl that just moved in Los Santos. She comes from the streets of Vice City and she’s looking to do whatever work to get money. She is strong young lady, who is also very charming and sly. Her brother was a famous ex drug lord that was eventually captured by the government. She moved to Los Santos to start fresh, maybe-...... Tell us about a time you created a fun and engaging RP scenario I was a naive Beverly Hills blonde chick who called the police because she locked her keys inside her hot pink convertible car. Reactions were priceless. What other servers have you been apart of? I am coming from ps4. Haven’t rp’d for some time. I have done fivem before though. Why should Entropia accept you as a whitelisted member? I am very passionate, creative, mature, and fun person. Not to mention, I can add a nice dose of estrogen to the group. You can rp with a girl and not have her get offended. Do you agree to the terms and conditions of joining the community? I, agree to the terms and conditions.