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Giovanni Valentino

Server & Community Rules (Please Read)

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1. No Drama - consequence if heard - (First Time) Banned (Note: first work it out with the person if it continues and is not handled both get banned no matter right or wrong)

2. No Fail RP - consequence if found - (First Time) Warning (Second Time) Banned

3. VDM/RDM - consequence if found - (First Time) Warning (Second Time) Banned

4. No Disrespect to staff/members - consequence if heard - (First Time) Banned

5. No Unrealistic Driving - consequence if found - (First Time) Warning (Second Time) Banned

6. No Unrealistic Vehicles - consequence if found - (First Time) Warning (Second Time) Banned

7. No Speed-boosting - consequence if found - (First Time) Banned

8. No God-mode - consequence if found - (First Time) Warning (Second Time) Banned (Note: you shouldn't even need godmode on a whitelisted server in the first place)

9. No Bullying - consequence if heard - (First Time) Banned

10. No Reviving If You Die - consequence if found - (First Time) Wanring (Second Time) Banned

11. No Racism - consequence if heard - (First Time) Banned

12. No Explicit Content - consequence if heard (First Time) Warning (Second Time) Banned

13. No Breaking RTO - consequence if heard (First Time) Warning (Second Time) Temp Muted - 10 minutes (Third Time) Banned From RTO (Note: Only people that can break RTO are directors or head administrators also only people that can request 10-3's are active dispatcher and head administrators and directors)

14. No no clipping - consequence if found (First Time) Warning (Second Time) Banned

15. Pursuits within the city cannot exceed speeds of 100mph (First Time) Warning (Second Time) Kicked (Third Time) Banned

16. Cop Baiting will not be tolerated, purposely attempting to get the attention of a police officer to be chased is prohibited (First Time) Warning (Second Time) Kick


1. Politics, religion, and any other controversial topics are to be avoided. If you bring up one of the said topics, a staff member will kindly ask you to stop.

2. Respect all the users in the server. By joining our server, we expect everyone to respect each other no matter what race, color, religion, etc. Basically, treat people like you want to be treated, starting an argument and not wanting to stop when moderators ask you to stop will get you muted and removed.

3. Advertising is not allowed. Do not advertise yourself, or anyone else’s YouTube Channel, Twitch, Discord, or any other platforms or don’t DM advertise. This is not a server to post any of those given above, simply a for fans/members communication.

4. Do not spam, this includes words, emotes, links, mic spam, and images and CAP messages, “Also shit posting.”

5. Listen to staff, any form of harassment towards staff is unacceptable. If you believe that a staff member is steeping out of line, then please contact a moderator.

6. Mild swearing /cursing is allowed. This is a professional server, but we don’t mind a bit of humor. On that note mild swearing and cursing is allowed but please don’t do anything over the top as well. This mean no direct hate speech to members.

7. Do not expose/send any information of this community regarding game server side or Discord links. No sending any images, text, or whatever has secret information about this community, however it can be on server. Being caught do so will get you immediately ban from the server no exceptions.

8. No copying of other server members name/nickname in the server we expect everyone to have an non identical name. If you have an inappropriate name then the moderator will ask you to change it, failure to comply will get you kicked from the server.

9. Do not impersonate a member or YouTuber. It is forbidden to do so in the server. Getting caught lying will get you banned

10. Do not at anytime talk or discuss a merge or partnership with another community. This community is owned and operated by itself.

11. Fail roleplay is not an option. This community has a zero tolerance for any member that has fail roleplayed. If you are caught fail roleplaying, then you will be immediately kick from the server on the first offence.

12. When an officer steps out of his patrol unit and the is closed then the car is considered locked. If the door is open, then it is considered unlocked.

13. When a member gets temporary ban, every member has the right to fight the ban with the administration board. To fight it you will have to have physical proof that it was unlawful.

14. This Community has zero tolerance for cop baiting. Cop baiting consists of doing illegal things in front of law enforcement multiple times.

15. Radio use. All radio traffic for law enforcement at least be less 10 seconds. Anything past 10 seconds can be addressed by your supervisor.

16. What happens in DM’s stays in DM’s

17. When your character is on the ground in the server lobby you are your character. Just because you have beef with another member DO NOT bring it in the lobby. Failure to comply will result in automate suspension from the session for that day.

18. When in RP act as it is real life.

19. Each Department is ran differently. The Administration Board will not get involved unless they seem it is necessary. The Administration Board wants each department to be ran by a department head

20. Every member in this community has a voice. If you have a problem with a member, have a concern, have an idea to bring to this community, then please follow chain of command to present the idea.

21. If you witness a fail roleplay, then please record the fail roleplay. Then please send the recorded clip to an Admin so it can be reviewed. If failure to send a clip, then will not lead to any actions against the person

22. To get a promotion in the community you must work for it. Promotions are not handed out like candy or food. You want the position or want the rank then you must work for.

23. Every member that is with this Community is required to signed up and register with the official community CAD/MDT. If you are not registered in the CAD/MDT, then you will be ask to leave the lobby for the night

24. Everything that This Community Officially Posts (website, CAD/MDT, Rules etc…) is copyrighted within the Community Staff. If you are found copying information and giving it or selling it to other communities then you will we automatically banned and removed from the server and community. Legal actions could be brought against the person selling or giving information away.

25. All new members are on a 2-week probation, this mean that fail roleplaying will lead to one warning and one warning only. Once you’ve been warned and you fail roleplay your gone.

26. When we roleplay, we DO NOT 10-22 any situation. If you’re seen doing something illegal then your going to have to own up to it and either take the warning, ticket, or go to jail. As well as if a situation is not going how you planned then learned to get over it and roleplay it anyhow.

27. If a scenario is being set up, then the civ or civs must let law enforcement know about it. Failure to follow can have you remove from doing scenarios.

28. Refusing to read community rules could result in termination of membership

29. Do not abuse channels. Do not keep switching from channel to channel because you feel like it. Have respect for other people in the community

30. If you are not part of the moderation team or administration board then do not try to enforce rules. If you see or witness a rule being broken, then contact a moderator or admin about it. Make sure to provide screenshots or videos for evidence so we can deal with it.

31. If you are not part of the administration board or part of the moderation team then you have no right to change roles for a member in the community. If a member is found changing the roles of a member then you will be banned from the community. No Exceptions

32. Do not under any circumstances start or get involved in an argument between members. If you witness this then contact the moderation team or administration board so they can deal with it

33. Do not be cussing all the time. Do not go in the Main Chat or any chat and start cussing for no reason. There is no reason for cussing to be happening.

34. All Civilians will have a rank before they join the community and will be assigned by the Asst. Civ Director and/or Civ Director

35. If you want to have a situation which involves many LEO, then let us know before RP.

36. Any direct disobey to a staff member will result in being removed from the community.

37. If any staff member sees you breaking a rule, then the staff member can act towards you. But non-staff members need proof for action to be taken

38. Do not under any reason blow air, scream, yell etc. in your mic. Failure to comply will result in 1-day temporary ban.

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